How to Wear a Scarf Multiple Ways

When you live in Minnesota, scarves are essential for your winter style and for staying warm. With Thanksgiving next week and the weather getting colder, it’s time to start adding the layers! We love scarves and finding multiple ways to wear them so we can rotate through the few staples we have. They’re great for throwing on over a sweater, adding under your coat for extra warmth, or wearing with a denim shirt to add a pattern or texture. Keep reading to see four of our favorite ways to wear scarves during these cold months!


1. Infinity

We used to have a ton of crazy pattern and super thin infinity scarves that were popular a few years ago, but now we’re much more into using scarves we already have and tying them into infinity scarves. That way, they’re warmer and thicker and can be used in other ways, not just infinity.


2. Wrapped Around the Neck

This look is great under a coat because it will be warmer around the neck, but still works well when you take your coat off. One of our favorite types of scarf for this look are the ones that have tassels or strings on the bottom.


3. Long Around Neck

We like this look during the fall months where you’re transitioning from warmer months into fall. It’s not quite as warm as when the scarf is around your neck, but works well with thicker blanket scarves to even out the fabric. It’s great with sweaters, denim shirts, and dresses.


4. Layered

Smaller and thinner scarves are great for layering to add bulk on a colder day. These two from H&M are perfect since they pair well together and the styles compliment each other.


We want to know, what’s your favorite way to wear a scarf?

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