How to Host a Dinner Party in a Small Apartment

Hosting is one of my absolute favorite things. Last week, I had Carm and her group of friends over and it was a blast. Bringing people together and celebrating friendship over food and conversation is just the best. It can also be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you have a smaller space, but these few tips will help you feel more comfortable hosting and not like you’re running around like a crazy person.


Prepare Ahead of Time

To keep the stress levels down and in order to enjoy your guests’ company when they arrive, planning ahead is key. Figure out what you want to make for the the main meal, any sides, and if you want to make dessert. There are some delicious and simple recipes in the Magnolia Table if you need some ideas! Then head to the grocery store and get the items needed a few days prior, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

Also, if someone offers to bring something, let them!


Create a Cozy Vibe

When having people over, it’s always a great time to light a candle and put some chill music on your speaker or Apple TV. This will make your home smell amazing, and the music will make your guests feel super welcome because there’s a background noise. Using some string lights or turning on a lamp can also make the space feel cozy, rather than using fluorescent lights, which can feel stark.


Simple Table Settings

Over-complicating the table setting can feel very overwhelming. One of the ways I like to keep the table simple is to use white dishes that are classic and timeless. Finding fresh flowers or greenery for the middle, or simply using the food as your centerpiece is a great way to make it feel casual, yet beautiful.


Get Your Games Out

Finally, after you eat, it’s time to get the games out! Bringing out some cards or a board game is a great way to continue the evening and keep the fun going. During the game time, I love popping some popcorn or getting the dessert out. Find a game that allows for conversation and has an end time, so it doesn’t get too serious or never-ending.

Well, there ya have it! Our tips to hosting your friends or family in a small space and actually enjoying it. Do you have any tips for hosting? We’d love to hear them!

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