What is To The Moon?

It’s a lifestyle blog that began as a dream by two sisters from MN. The name “To the Moon” came from the saying, “Love you to the moon and back.” We have been saying this to each other since childhood and we also believe it applies to all of life. Going all in – to the moon and back – by loving people, pursuing your dreams, and taking chances is how we believe life is meant to be lived.


We thought it would be fun to write each other’s bios so you could get to know us from the perspective of the other sister.

Who is Carm? (By: Jo)

Carm is one of the kindest and most caring people I know. From an early age, she has been making people laugh, singing her heart out, and dancing like no one is watching. I love her joy for life and how she lives each day with positivity. She graduated from Bethel University with a major in Organizational Communication with an event management emphasis in 2019. Now she works at Calabrio in the North Loop of Minneapolis as an HR coordinator. If she ever gets tired of her day job, she should definitely go into the music industry with her debut song “Step on the Gas.” 🙂

To describe Carm, I always say how incredibly smart she is, that she’s beautiful inside and out, and passionate about Jesus. Deep down, Carm is a Minnesota girl, but really hates winter. She traveled abroad for a semester and grew so much during her time abroad. Finally, she’s my best friend and the most amazing sister I could ever ask for.


Who is Jo? (By: Carm)

Alright, let’s get to know Jo! Jordan fulfills her first-born role so well as she is responsible, determined, and a wonderful leader. Since she was a little girl, Jordan has been a creative soul with dreams swirling in her head. This beautiful lady is a wife to Matt as of July 2017, an intentional friend to so many, and a learner of God’s Word and the world. She is passionate about all things design, especially making her new house a home, and loves to collaborate with other beautiful souls.

A few of Jo’s favorite things include running, candles, Joanna Gaines, and of course, Minnesota. In May 2017, Jordan earned a degree in PR and Graphic Design from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, and completed her interior design diploma las year. She works as an interior and designer for construction2style, an interior residential  remodeling company. Jo is my sister and my best friend, the greatest combination I know of.


Photos: Kenzie Achterhoff Photography