DIY Fall Macrame Wreath

A few weeks ago, I went to a fall craft night with some friends where we sipped apple cider and made fall wreaths. Creating a unique wreath that could stay up for more than just a few fall months was my goal and this macrame wreath was perfect. The colors are great in the fall, but can also transition to winter and Christmas as well. Since I love maroon and greenery, it also goes with my other decor and fits the style of my apartment, so I can leave it up year round too.

Here’s a DIY tutorial on how you can make this macrame and hang it in your own home!

Step One: Get The Materials

The first step is getting all the materials, which were at Hobby Lobby for around $12 and will leave you with more leftover for another project.

  • embroidery hoop – $2
  • macrame yarn – $5
  • fall colored faux eucalyptus – $5
    • (with Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon you can get for one item anytime you go)


Step Two: Create Macrame Knots

Before creating this wreath, I had never done any sort of macrame, so I looked up a few knots on Pinterest and YouTube. The first knot I made was the Revers Larkshead Knot to loop it around the hoop. After that, you can make various combinations of knots depending on the pattern you’re going for. Feel free to try it multiple times and play around with the knots to get your desired look. For tips on common macrame knots, head HERE.

Step Three: Cut Yarn To Length

Once you like the look of your knots and macrame, cut the excess yarn to length. I opted to stop the macrame about a third of the way up and let the yarn hang loose toward the bottom for a more “boho” vibe. Then cut the yarn straight across or angle the sides downward so the middle pieces are longer than the sides.

Step Four: Add Greenery

Instead of only macrame knots on the embroidery hoop, add in your choice of greenery or faux flowers for that season. For the fall, using multi-colored eucalyptus was a perfect fit. In order for them to look more like a wreath, stick them in the back of the macrame knots on the side and then use a glue gun to get them to stay in place.

Step Five: Hang it Up!

Finally, hang the macrame up with a small nail or pin. Since the embroidery hoop is pretty light and so is the yarn and eucalyptus, it’s not too much weight to hang up. Mine is in the entry area of my apartment and I love how it adds some fall colors to my space.

If you make your own macrame wreath, we want to see it! Tag us @tothemoonlifestyleblog so we can see your beautiful fall creation.

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