Our Fall Favorites

Every season, we hope to round up some of our favorite things that have been bringing us joy and just products that we’ve loved so that we can share them with you!


We both are such visual people that even though we use Google calendar, pen and paper will always be our favorite way to plan out our days and weeks. Rifle Paper Company is the planner on the right and I love this one because it gives you a full month outlook and then the week as a whole with a good amount of space for each day to pencil in meetings and events. The floral design is super fun and pretty, while the inside is simple and organized.

The planner on the right is from the Hearth & Home collection at Target, and it’s incredible! It has a lot of blank space to write whatever and however much you want to. It’s also a nice size–not too big or too small.


Parabo Press

We don’t know about you guys, but we have so many pictures on our phone that rarely make it to printed images. These square prints from Parabo Press are printed on thick paper and are perfect for displaying on the wall or collecting to look back on memories.



We definitely remember having scrunchies as kids that our mom wore in the 80s and using them for dress up clothes and the crazy thing is that they’re back. Through the years, they’ve gotten a lot more neutral in color and smaller scrunchies have been something we’re loving. They’re great for quickly throwing your hair into a bun or low pony without leaving a kink in your hair or being too tight on your head.


Target Dollar Section Decor

The dollar section at Target can sometimes be hit or miss, but we’ve been loving it for holiday/seasonal decor. When the decor is only out for a few months, it’s nice to find items that are less than $5 that look super cute, but also don’t break the bank. Some of our favorites for fall were little pumpkins and a leaf jewelry dish.


Tassel Earrings

These have been some of my favorite earrings that I’ve owned. I love colorful and large earrings for adding something fun to an outfit, without getting to crazy. After looking at a variety of options that were pretty expensive, I kept my eyes out and actually got the pink ones for sale at Target and the white beaded earrings at a second-hand store. They are perfect for dressing up and outfit and pretty light, which is always nice for a larger earring.


Tote Bags

Both of us recently got tote bags at Target for work and they’ve worked out really well. Having a bag that fits a computer, yet still looks cute and it easy to carry is hard to find.


Photos: Kenzie Achterhoff Photography

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