Black Hills Weekend Getaway

South Dakota doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. The Black Hills in South Dakota hosts some of the most beautiful views in the Midwest, and even the country. So many people don’t know about this incredible area though.

Here is our guide to visiting this lovely land of the Black Hills.

The Badlands

This dry, arid area is picturesque and such a different scene from most of the midwest, which makes it even prettier to see.


Wall Drug

Because, there’s like a million and one signs leading you to this place, you’ve gotta check it out. It’s cheesy, it’s kind of a let-down, but it’s classic.

Mount Rushmore

Go visit the men on the rocks because it’s so American and actually really sweet to see! Bonus, it’s super cheap! Like $10/car cheap. So pile in your car and head to this National Monument.

Also, check out the museum in the park. Very interesting!


Sylvan Lake

Check out this majestic lake in the middle of the Black Hills. Pro tip: have a picnic along the edges so you can enjoy the view. Another option is to walk around the path around the lake!

Whatever you choose to do at Sylvan Lake, you’re bound to have a beautiful day with this view!



Black Elk Peak

Formerly known as Harney Peak, this 7-mile round trip hike boasts some incredible views of the Black Hills. You’ll be shocked at what South Dakota has to offer on this hike.

Another pro tip: hammock on your way up or down. Even better, at sunset!IMG_3814.JPGIMG_3898.JPGIMG_3811.JPG

We love the Black Hills and the views out there. Grab some friends and road trip out here for an awesome trip!

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