7 Ways You Know Summer’s Coming in Minnesota

1. Windows are down. 

This happens when the temp gets above 50 degrees, but as you drive down the interstate, expect to see people with one, two, or all of their windows down as they drive. Odds are, the heat is still on in their car, but getting those windows down is key!

2. People seem oddly happy.

We don’t realize how much winter can affect us until the sun comes out again and people start to fill up on Vitamin D! When this happens, people seem to be oddly uplifted and joyful.

3. Potholes, potholes, potholes.

Be careful when driving so you don’t get a flat tire from these things. Potholes are a challenge of themselves despite all the road construction that is soon to come. That leads us to our next point.

4. More orange on the roads.

Road construction season is on the way which means detours, construction workers out and about, but best of all, new smooth roads to drive on. Since we have a small window of time in the year to complete all the construction, it often seems as though every road has some type of construction done during the summer.

5. Sandals in the snow.

Minnesotans have a hard time knowing how to embrace these spring and summer months. Therefore, we are hopeful enough to wear sandals in the snow, a brave choice for this crazy snowy state.

6. You hear a lot more country music.

Maybe this is just our experience as small-town gals, but we sure do hear a lot more twang in our music as the weather gets warmer. This means long drives and great boat rides to us, so bring on the country music!

7. People are outside!

We have been cooped up inside hibernating for several long months now, so we can’t wait to embrace fresh air instead of air that hurts our faces. Be prepared to see many more people out and about as they emerge from their houses. You’ll be surprised at how many people actually live in your neighborhood or on your campus!

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