5 Great Travel Apps

We absolutely love traveling, especially in the summer when there’s more time and the weather is nicer. Whether you are road-tripping or flying, these travel apps will help you on your way. 

Jordan and I have traveled together a lot domestically and I got to travel abroad in Europe for a semester. All of these adventures have gone better with these apps.

1. GasBuddy 


This one we owe to our very frugal grandpa. He is always looking for a great deal and cheap gas, so this app has become one of his most used. 

GasBuddy allows you to seek out the cheapest gas stations around you super quickly which will save you money on your road trip.

2. Google Maps 


This app is great for domestic and international travel! It works like most navigation apps, but it has some great additional features.

My favorite is that you can download whole cities. Then, you don’t need cellular data or wifi to access the city map. While in Europe, I used this a lot because we didn’t usually have wifi.

I would download a map of Rome and then be able to walk around without getting too lost. 

3. Rome2Rio


This app is awesome for international travel, but it can be super helpful for domestic travel as well.

For this one, you plug in your starting point and your destination. Then, the app shows you various ways you can get there such as driving, taking a bus, or flying. 

It gives you the price and amount of time for each form of transportation. Then you can decide if a road trip or a flight is better for your trip!

4. Plates Free 


This is seriously one of my favorite apps! Remember playing the license plate game as a kid? Well this is that, but better!

You can track the states you’re seeing and enjoy filling in this map as you make your way to 50!

It helps the time go faster and makes looking at hundreds of cars on the road actually fun!

5.  Waze


Our dad is a huge fan of this app! Waze is a navigation app that finds the absolute best route.

On a road trip in Texas, this incredible app got us out of a huge traffic jam within minutes.

This is how it works: other people using the app report accidents, traffic jams, vehicles stopped on the side of the road, and much more to give you the most up-to-date information as you drive. 

My favorite feature of this one is the “Go Later,” option that allows you to plug in the time you want to reach your destination. Then, it tells you what the traffic will be at that time and when you should leave. A huge help in bigger cities!


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