2019 Design Trends

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Las Vegas for my job with construction2style for the Kitchen and Bath Show. It was such a blast looking at the booths and seeing the new trends and products coming this year! Here’s are some of my favorite top trends that I saw at the show:

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves have been around for a couple years and there’s no slowing down on these fun storage displays. In the kitchen, floating shelves are gaining traction for showing off special glasses and dinnerware. They’re also great for storing plants and bringing greenery into your space. If you have a unique backsplash or want to bring in statement lighting, floating shelves are great because they still allow for storage without the bulky look of wall cabinets.



2. Colorful Cabinets

The trends that we’re seeing in 2019 are all about color, including cabinetry. While white cabinetry will always be part of the kitchen design world, color is definitely coming back and I love how it can add personality to the kitchen. While at KBIS, there were kitchen displays with blue and green cabinets and bathrooms with purple vanities and all kinds of other colors. In the interior design world, clients are getting more bold with their cabinetry and incorporating a statement color into the island or perimeter base cabinets.


3. Quartz Backsplashes

In kitchens, one of the biggest trends that I saw at KBIS was quartz backsplashes. Quartz has been a popular material for countertops for the last several years and now it’s becoming a popular material for backsplashes as well.


4. Smart Appliances

We are living in a technology driven world and kitchens as we know them are changing. Appliances are becoming more and more smart and now can be controlled with your phone. Wi-Fi connect allows you to preheat your oven on your way home from work, order groceries from your fridge, and schedule when your dishwasher should run. It’s crazy what technology can do and it will be interesting to see how these appliances change kitchens in the years to come.

5. Gold Hardware

Lots and lots of gold! Gold hardware is something we’ve been seeing clients wanting to incorporate in the last year and it was all over at KBIS. Some appliance companies are even coming out with gold handles that you can choose for your fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and oven handles. The tone of the gold is deeper and more of a matte finish than the brass gold we often think of when remembering old gold finishes.


6. Black Accents

Black is back and I’m loving it because black accents work with pretty much every design style. Incorporating black into your space can be done through black windows, black faucets and fixtures, lighting, mirrors, hardware, and more. I love the look of black windows, especially for a modern farmhouse look, along with black lighting for a Scandinavian or mid-century modern feel.


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