How to Visit Duluth in the Winter

We have both been to Duluth during the summer months when it is warm and green up there. However, recently, my friends and I took a day trip up to this northern Minnesotan city to explore the winter look. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I truly loved seeing this cute city even in the cold.

From the Twin Cities, Duluth is about a two hour drive, making it a perfect place to go for a day. Also, everyone kept asking if it was super cold when we went up there, but as long as you dress well for the weather, you’ll be totally fine!

Enjoy the Free Parking

Almost everywhere in Duluth has free parking for people to enjoy, which makes it so easy to walk around. There’s a lot of 2-hour street parking, but also there are parking lots available too that you can park in for the whole day.


Check out the Breweries!

There are a few great breweries in Duluth, and even if you don’t want to drink (or can’t because you’re under 21 like yours truly), the food is awesome! I’ve only ever been to the Canal Park Brewing Company, but I know that there are lots to choose from including the Bent Paddle Brewing Co, Hoops Brewing Company, Lake Superior Brewing Co, and Blacklist Artisan Ales.


This Juicy Lucy burger was absolutely delicious! Also, the Canal Park Brewing Company has homemade chips with an awesome sour cream dip.


Explore the Downtown Area

In order to get to downtown Duluth, plug in “Canal Park” in your maps and head on down. The best part about this area is that you can walk to so many restaurants, coffee shops, and sights really quickly.

Our favorite areas down here are the Aerial Life Bridge, the lighthouse, and all the shops and restaurants around.




Eat Up

We loved exploring the cute shops in Duluth like the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (delicious caramel apples!) and the Duluth Coffee Company.

Enjoy alllll the Minnesota Things

This city embodies everything Minnesotan, which we love! From the architecture, to the people, to all the Caribou Coffee shops, Duluth knows how to celebrate all things Minnesota.

Duluth’s downtown area has these old, almost rustic buildings that make you feel like you’re at a cabin. We’ve loved exploring this area!


Take Fun Photos!


This place has some great backgrounds and places to take fun pics. We enjoyed documenting the day with some quick photoshoots throughout!

Grab Your Pals & Go!

We absolutely loved getting away for the day and spending time together. I’m a big fan of road trips, and although it is a short drive, it was really nice to have quality time together for an extended period of time.

So the next time you have a weekend free or a day off of work, plan a quick day up to this cute city!



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