5 Instagram Apps We’re Loving

We love using Instagram to see what family and friends are up to and connecting with people. It’s also a fun for being creative and sharing photos of our life. Both of us also use Instagram for our jobs and have learned so much about the little app. Whether you use Instagram for a business or for fun, these 5 apps are our favorites for editing photos and creating beautiful stories.

Here’s some great Instagram apps we’re loving right now:


We love VSCO for editing photos because there are quite a few free presets and from there, you can also go further into the editing by adjusting the light, contrast, temperature, etc. VSCO is also a fun app because you can create journals and share your photos almost like Instagram, except without captions or comments.

2. Later

This app is great for scheduling out posts and seeing how your overall grid will look once they’re posted. If you have a small business or just want to set your personal posts on a schedule, it’s great for batch working and creating lots of content at once.


3. WordSwag

If you’re wanting to create some cohesive Instagram stories, WordSwag has tons of different text, background, and color options for creating overlays and pretty stories. We like how it can help you stay consistent with branding and allow your stories to have similar text. This app is $5, but it really is worth it for all of the options you can choose from.

4. Unfold

Want to show multiple pictures in a story? Unfold is perfect for creating collages for stories, adding simple text, and having a clean background. You can also use the same template so that pictures and stories look cohesive.

5. Lightroom

This one is another editing app that is much more customized than Instagram’s edits, and it allows you to have more control over the light, contrast, and other various components of the editing process. You can also make presets, so that when you go to edit another photo, it will have the same look as other photos you’ve edited, which helps to create consistency.

Cover Photo By: Benjaminrobyn Jespersen on Unsplash

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