All Things Magnolia

Ever since Fixer Upper came on HGTV, we’ve been big fans of Chip & Joanna Gaines. After we got to visit Magnolia in Waco, TX a year and a half ago, we’ve been even more obsessed with the brand and the beautiful pieces that they sell. One of things we love about them is that everything they do tells a story and it’s always on brand. Over the past year or so, we’ve collected quite a few Magnolia pieces and love them all. Here’s some of our favorites:


Carm and I both got these mugs when we were down in Magnolia and we love the simple, yet classic design. Every time I drink out of mine, I think of that trip and all of the beautiful spaces they’ve been able to create and feel so inspired.



One of my favorite things about Magnolia is how all of their decor is timeless and beautiful. This metal piece is perfect for displaying greenery, a fresh flower, or just simple on its own. From frames, to pitchers, to cake stands, the decor looks great with any style and always reflects the classic and beautiful look of Magnolia.



These candles smell SO GOOD! For the longest time, I didn’t even want to burn mine because I didn’t want it to burn up and be gone. One of the great things about these candles is that because they’re such good quality, they burn much slower than typical candles and also give off a perfect amount of scent.

Magnolia Story

We both loved reading this book written by Chip & Jo to hear their story of how they met, how their company got started, and their journey through the whole Fixer Upper process. It’s so cool to read about their heart for others, their willingness to take risks, and how they’ve overcome challenges in their business to get to the point where they are today.


Magnolia Journal

Every single time this magazine comes in the mail, I get so excited. It comes out every season, so there’s a spring, summer, fall, and winter issue. One of the aspects I love about this magazine is the layout and design, which is absolutely stunning. It’s always packed with cool stories, beautiful designs, practical tips, and minimal ads, which is so great in a magazine. Reading in print rather than on a screen and being able to flip through the pages for inspiration is just so refreshing and I look forward to it each issue.



This has seriously been my favorite cookbook because of the simple, yet delicious recipes in it. Joanna writes stories behind each mealtime and recipes that inspire her, plus the photos are just beautiful. The couple recipes I’ve tried have been a hit and were easy to follow.




Joanna’s new design book is incredible. From an interior design perspective, it’s packed full of good information and helpful tips. It’s also one of the prettiest books I’ve ever seen. She explains the design decisions behind different rooms in houses they’ve renovated and shares how to incorporate various ideas into your home.

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