Our Christmas Traditions

As Christmas is approaching, we wanted to share some of our favorite traditions of the season. We love being together with family and enjoying a slower pace of life during this time. Here’s what Christmas season looks like for these sisters:

Shalom AKA “The Lodge”

For the last 20 years, our mom’s side of the family has been gathering at Shalom Hill Farm for three days full of food, fun, and family. It started way back when my grandparents decided to give the gift of time together. At first, there were lots of kids running around and babies to hold, but now more cousins have been added and spouses are brought into the mix. It’s one of our absolute favorite traditions and one that we can’t wait for each year.


Swedish Pancakes and Surprise Money

On our dad’s side of the family, we always go to our Grandma and Grandpa’s house where we start the morning with Swedish pancakes and hugs. A few years ago, our Grandma (Chloe as we like to call her) started giving us money, but not just in a typical card. It became a whole experience where she would give it to us in a clever way. We’ve gotten “cold hard cash,” (AKA cash frozen in ice) and had to figure out a magnetic box to get our gift. There’s always lots of Christmas goodies, games to be played, and so many laughs to go around.


Over 100 Manger Scenes

Now this may seem crazy, but our mom, Kimbo, loves manger scenes and has been collecting them ever since we can remember. Every year, she gets a least one new one so when it comes time to decorate the house for Christmas, it’s an all day event. It’s been so cool to see this collection grow and hear the stories behind each nativity set–who gave it to her, and where they got it.


Nachos and Silent Night

On the night of Christmas Eve, you can find the Syversons gathered in front of the TV with a huge cookie sheet of nachos. Many years ago, we started the tradition of having nachos for our Christmas meal after we went to the candle-lit service at our church. We’d come home in our fancy clothes, change into comfy PJs, and get the nachos started. Then we’ll head downstairs by the fire to watch It’s A Wonderful Life.


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