How to Go Gift-less this Christmas

For years, we have been the family who does not give gifts, but rather gives “experiences.” As kids, it was hard to explain to the other kids who rattled off their list of new presents from Santa or their parents. I remember sheepishly saying we were going to do something together instead of give each other something. The kids were never impressed.

As I’ve grown up, I’ve begun to appreciate this form of gift-giving my parents decided on. It’s different, but it allows us to spend more time together instead of more time at Target. My closet and room at home is stuffed full of things I thought I “needed” at one point, but that I haven’t touched in years.

Maybe we all need a change.

I can’t tell you what I received Christmas of 2013, but I can tell you almost every detail of our family cruise to the Caribbean. On another note, I can’t even remember what I received for Christmas from extended family last year. I do remember listening to For King & Country sing Christmas songs at the Target Center.

We have grown up with this reality. However, we know that most people have grown up getting gifts from Santa or their parents each year. If you’re looking for ways to have less stuff hanging around and spend more time with the ones you love, here are some tips for you to go gift-less this Christmas.

Go Local

Do a little research on some experiences going on around your hometown. We’ve actually found a wide variety of events and concerts by looking at local Facebook Events!

We’re big fans of supporting local people and businesses. What a better way to support them than to attend an event they’ve poured so much into.

Keep it Christmas-y

This time of year is special. It’s more joyful, hopeful, and merry than any other time of the year. Even though gifts may have defined a lot of your previous Christmases in the past, this year can look different. However, dropping gifts doesn’t mean you need to lose the festive spirit of the season.

Find events or concerts that are only available during Christmas time.

Or Don’t Keep it Christmas-y

Think outside the box of events and experiences just this time of year. Look for upcoming concerts coming in your area in the next couple months. Be on the lookout for cool experiential-driven activities, such as a brewery tour or a hot-air balloon festival.

Do Your Research

Just like you’ve probably been researching gifts, you also need to research experiences. Google events or ideas you think you might like, and look at the suggested events with it.

Be on the lookout for our new blogs with specific ideas for your family, your friends, you and your special someone, and just you!

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