5 Different Ways to Wear Denim

We love denim because it’s so versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on what look you’re going for. Over the years, we’ve collected a few denim staples from skirts, to shirts, to jackets and have experimented with different ways to wear the classic fabric. Here’s some of our favorite denim items and how we like to wear them:

1. Denim Skirt

This is perfect for a casual look in the summer when paired with a white v-neck or tank top, but it can also transition into a more fall look with a sweater or plaid shirt. Carm got this skirt at H&M while traveling abroad and wore it so many different ways, since she only had so much space in her suitcase and loved that it worked with lots of options.


2. Denim Button Down

This jean shirt, which is so simple that it works with pretty much anything, is also referred to as chambray. It’s also softer and more comfortable than a jean jacket, so it works better for wearing under a sweater, with a scarf, or all on its own.



3. Denim on Denim

Throwing it back to the 90s with this look can feel intimating at first, but using two different washes of denim is the key to this look. Wearing a darker shirt with lighter jeans or a lighter denim jacket with darker jeans is the best way to achieve this look without going too overboard.


4. Casual Denim Jacket

Jean jackets are awesome thrown over a T-shirt as the months get colder or paired with a plain white shirt for a more casual vibe. One of the best things about denim is that it goes with everything and every color, so it’s great to bring along on cooler nights.


5. Dressed Up Denim Jacket

We also love jean jackets because they can go from casual to more dressed up depending on what they’re paired with. Wearing a denim jacket over a more dressy shirt and black jeans looks great for a night out, while still feeling comfy and warm.


What’s your favorite way to wear denim?

2 thoughts on “5 Different Ways to Wear Denim

  1. Graceful Rags says:

    All of these looks are seriously so cute!! Who doesn’t love denim? I’ve been trying to get my hand on a denim skirt but still haven’t found the perfect one yet. You ladies styled all of these looks to perfection and are the cutest together! 🙂

    Miles of smiles,


    Liked by 1 person

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