Easy Guac Recipe for Summer

Alright guys, summer is officially here and I couldn’t be more excited! With summer comes sunny weather, lake days, and delicious summer-specific food. One of my favorite recipes to make is homemade guacamole because it is so dang easy and delicious.

Here’s the easiest guac recipe out there that will go perfectly with all of your summer meals. My favorite way to eat it is the classic “Guac and Chips,” but you can add guac to chicken, seafood, salads, and so much more. 

This recipe is so cheap when these ingredients are in season, so waiting to make it until they are in season will help save money. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying a butt-ton for mediocre avocados. Never fun!



4 avocados

1 teaspoon (or so) of lime juice

1 tablespoon of cilantro

1 tablespoon of red onion

Gather all your ingredients and start by cutting the avocados in half the long way. 

Remove the pit and then spoon out the content of the avocado into a bowl.

Mash up the avocado with either a potato masher or a fork. I find that a combination of the two usually gets the job done best!IMG_1874

Next, cut up the cilantro and the red onion very finely. These two have strong tastes, so it’s better if they are spread out within the guac instead of kept in big chunks.

Dump the cilantro and the red onion into the avocado mix.


Cut the lime in half and poke one side with a fork. This will make it easier to squeeze out the juice. 

Mix it all up, adding more lime juice if needed. 

Finish by adding some salt and pepper to taste.

Then comes the best part: eat the guac!! We hope you enjoy your summer meals a bit more with this guacamole recipe part of them. 


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