Visiting Waco 101

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight (okay more than slight) obsession with Joanna Gaines. I’ve read the book, get the Magnolia Journal, and have seen every episode of Fixer Upper. Her creativity and grace are such an incredible combination, and I love how she designs spaces with the intent of creating not just a house, but a home for families in Waco.

Last summer, my mom, Carmen, and I started talking about taking a girls trip before I got married, and Waco was an obvious YES! Before we made the 15 hour trek, I did some research to see what all we should see besides the Silos and found there was a lot to do and see in our short 2 days there.


  1. The line for the bakery will probably be long, but it’s worth it! If you watch the show, it’s awesome seeing the design in person and every detail is beautiful, down to the bathroom floors.
  2. If you can, go during the week because it will be way less busy! We also went early in the morning so the crowds were smaller.
  3. There are signs for $5-10 parking, but we easily found street parking that was free and close enough to walk.
  4. Bring lots of water, especially if you’re going in the summer. The temps were in the 90s when we were there and it was humid, so water was a MUST and by bringing your own you can save a lot of money.
  5. Go back a second time! We were in Waco for two full days and both days we visited the Silos. The first day, we spent more time there just looking at the displays and checking out the bakery. The second day was when we purchased a few things and spent time on the green area and eating at the food trucks.
  6. Check out the garden area. There is a separate building for the plants and garden supplies and they have so many beautiful succulents and plants.


Harp Design Co.

Clint Harp designs a lot of custom woodwork for Joanna and the shop is super cute! His woodshop is in the back of the store, but sadly, you aren’t able to go back there. The store has a variety of wood decor, T-shirts, and fun gifts, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Common Grounds

This coffee shop is close to Baylor’s campus and was featured a couple of times on the show. Carmen and I both agreed it was some of the best coffee we have ever had! It has a cool vibe and interesting coffee combinations, plus it was a great way to start both of our days.

Heritage Creamery

An ice cream shop that is right next to Common Grounds that has incredible homemade ice cream with unique flavors. So refreshing after a day walking around in the Texas heat!

Magnolia Table

Sadly, the Magnolia Table was still under construction when we were in Waco, but I have heard nothing but good things about the restaurant. Again, the wait time may be long but I’m sure it’s worth the wait!

Spice Village

We had heard about this from an article I read about Waco and decided to check it out. There are a number of boutiques and shops in this brick building and it was a fun way to spend the afternoon. While we were there, we got some gifts and checked out one of the restaurants. It was fun to see other boutiques and shops too!

Baylor University

Our cousin Ty went to Baylor and we had never been there, so we walked around one night after getting ice cream and it was fun to see the old brick buildings and beautiful campus. If you’re looking for a fun afternoon or evening walk, it’s a great space for that.

Hope you get to visit soon! We can’t wait to hear about your favorite part 🙂



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